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  • August 22, 2023 3 min read

    Make an Empty Wall a Masterpiece with Our Handcrafted Wood Paneling

    An empty wall feels a lot like an artist’s blank canvas. How should you fill the space? Where should you begin? What if you don’t like the end result? The questions seem limitless, and the answers aren’t always obvious. Even the most skilled interior designers wrestle with what to put on walls to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing look.

    Although the task can certainly be daunting, it’s also exciting. This is your chance to make a statement and highlight your personal style. Art and paint are tried-and-true wall accents, but sometimes they don’t have the design oomph you’re looking for. Enter wall panels, the perfect addition for creating depth and dimension.

    Whether you’re interested in designing a bright and airy space or something warm and cozy, wood paneling for walls is incredibly versatile. With a wide range of styles, stains, and finishes, there are no shortage of ways to incorporate it. You can use it for a feature wall or commit to covering all four. Whatever the case, wall panels establish timeless elegance, meaning they look great now and years down the road.

    At Walston Architectural Products, we offer several wall panel options, including reeded, fluted, and slatted, to provide you with multiple solutions to create a striking space. What’s more, all of our products are crafted by hand, so you can be sure you’re getting wood paneling that’s high quality and built to last.

    Because our wall panels are made to order, we offer panels in multiple materials to bring our clients’ unique visions to life. When you visit our online shop, you’ll see choices for unfinished MDF, primed white MDF, unfinished oak, and unfinished birch. But what does it all mean? Keep reading for a closer look at what our wall panels are made of.

    What Are MDF Wall Panels?

    All our wall panels include MDF, so before we can talk about other materials, you have to be familiar with this one. MDF, which stands for medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product made by combining leftover wood particles with wax and resin. Unlike real wood, it doesn’t include grain or knots and won’t warp, making it an ideal solution for decorative wall panels. At Walston Architectural Products, we specifically use machine-grade MDF, which is stronger and more durable than you can purchase at your local hardware store.

    Thanks to machine-grade MDF’s smooth surface, color glides on with ease and lasts longer than natural wood. A little paint goes a long way in transforming a room and really making your wall panels pop. No matter if you’re going for a more traditional or modern aesthetic, MDF is a chameleon material when it comes to style.

    Additionally, MDF is the better choice for cutting purposes. With standard wood, you have to worry about exactly where you cut to avoid sharp edges, splintering, and damage to the grain. Machine-grade MDF wall panels allow you to develop your dream design in any space - without the hassle.

    Primed Wall Panels Versus Unfinished Wood Paneling

    Walston Architectural Products carries both primed and unfinished wall panels depending on your preferences. Our primed white options are made entirely from machine-grade MDF. Because these decorative wall panels are coated with primer beforehand, they’re ready for paint as soon as you have them installed.

    Our unfinished wood paneling is available in white oak or birch, but these are still backed with MDF for extra stability. Although white oak is a customer favorite, both selections look beautiful either stained or with a layer of clear coat to let the natural wood grain shine through.

    We also offer additional custom wood species options, such as maple and walnut, for specialized orders. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

    Discover One-of-a-Kind Wood Paneling When You Shop at Walston Architectural Products

    We’re passionate about crafting wall panels that take our customers’ spaces to the next level and take pride in helping them realize their design vision. Each wall panel we sell is made to order by our expert craftsmen, who pay careful attention to even the smallest details to ensure flawless results.

    As a family-owned business, we value the relationships we build, just as much as the products we construct. Whether you’re adding wall panels to your home or office, we truly care about serving you and creating a solution that meets your needs.

    When you’re ready, you can browse our wood paneling for walls online, or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in North Kansas City. However you choose to shop, you can look forward to a fun, convenient, and stress-free design experience.

    Not sure the look you’re going for quite yet? Check out our website for a healthy dose of wall panel inspiration!