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  • August 09, 2023 4 min read

    Our Interior Sliding Doors Offer Even More Than Their Unique, Modern Design

    Many homeowners first discover sliding interior doors when visiting a friend’s home, touring an open house, or reading a home decor magazine. However, it’s not until they’ve started imagining these doors in their own home that they realize there are even more benefits than what initially meets the eye.

    Interior sliding doors offer several features that stretch far beyond an interior facelift. They’re easy and efficient to install, save valuable floor space, come in a variety of attractive styles, and won’t damage furniture or walls when opened, like traditional hinged doors.

    Sliding barn doors also provide the functionality that matters for your home, including one particular characteristic that makes these doors useful for everyone who enters your house: accessibility. 

    If you’re considering interior doors that provide ease of use for family members or guests, barn doors for sale from Walston Architectural Products are your solution. 


    How Do Sliding Barn Doors Make a Home More Accessible?

    Consider how a sliding barn door works: you gently slide the door on its track as it remains nearly flush against the interior wall. You don’t need to turn a handle to open it. Applying light pressure to the door handle is all it takes to slide it open. When the door is open, the entire width of the entryway is available. It’s not blocked off by a door that partially opens because of a bookshelf, couch, or table behind it.

    Ease of use and a clear entryway are features that make these doors accessible for the many people who come to your home:

    • Children who aren’t yet able to turn a door handle, but who know how to open and close doors without help or supervision, can easily use a sliding barn door for sale from Walston Architectural Products.
    • Loved ones who only use their hands in a limited capacity, or who are unable to use them at all, have a much easier time opening an interior sliding door, compared with a traditional turn-and-pull handle. 
    • Those who have difficulty walking and those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices for mobility are better able to pass from room to room due to the complete access that a sliding door provides. 
    • Some sliding doors have bottom tracks or lips that are difficult to traverse for those who use assistance while walking. Walston Architectural Products' sliding doors don’t require a lower track, making entryways easy to pass through.

    Our Sliding Barn Doors Offer the Hallmarks of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Door Requirements

    At Walston Architectural Products, we handcraft sliding doors that meet all our clients’ specific needs. The accessibility-related benefits of our sliding doors’ design are very similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) door compliance requirements for door openings and handle use.

    • Accessibility compliance standards for door openings: The U.S. Access Board’s online resource states that a door must open 90 degrees to create a minimum opening width of 32 inches.
    • How Walston interior sliding doors help: Our interior doors present no obstruction to your door’s width. Hinged doors may not open fully due to their condition or the design of your interior living space. Our doors provide full access to any part of your home.  
    • Accessibility compliance standards for door handles: In the same resource, the U.S. Access Board outlines what makes an accessible door handle, including these characteristics: the handle only requires one-hand operation and does not need “tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist.”
    • The Walston solution: Our doors, including our handles, are built based on a thorough consultation with each of our customers. Our handles, which come in many styles, don’t take as much effort to operate as the typical handle. They only require a sliding motion to open, as our doors move on a durable, smooth track.

    While it’s important to consult an accessibility expert if you’re fully planning your home’s interior for a particular person’s accessibility needs, our doors do their part to ensure ease of use for your loved ones.  

    Get In Touch to Discover Every Feature and Benefit of Our Sliding Barn Doors

    When our local customers visit our shop for a design consultation in North Kansas City, they’re typically wowed by the many options we have in store for them. We’re continually innovating to meet the most recent interior door design trends, while also providing timeless, classic designs.

    Once you see all we have to offer for sliding interior doors and what they can do to transform your home, you’ll recognize why Walston Architectural Products is a go-to destination for homeowners, businesses, and more. We have many finely crafted barn doors for sale that are sure to meet anyone’s preferences and needs. 

    Contact us or book an appointment today to find the perfect sliding door. If you’re not yet sure about your door’s paint color or stain, be sure to check out our sample packs to take our many choices for a test run - especially if you live outside our local area. We look forward to serving you!