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  • August 23, 2023 4 min read

    Team Up with Walston Architectural Products Through Our Trade Program 

    If you’re in the home building, designing, or remodeling business, you’re on the lookout for specialists that can tackle your clients’ specific requests. 

    As you know, a trusted partner makes a big difference for the success of your work. A specialist helps you deliver key solutions for your client, and you get to demonstrate that you’re a part of a strong network of professionals who can help at a moment’s notice.

    When it comes to sliding barn doors and wall paneling, Walston Architectural Products is your local expert. We offer a trade program to take your interior door and wall paneling needs completely off your plate. We ensure your customers are pleased with our handcrafted doors and paneling, and we offer a trade discount and special quantity pricing to thank you for your partnership. 

    Find out more below about how our trade program works and how you can partner with us for your clients’ success.

    Get to Know the Wall Paneling and Sliding Barn Doors We Supply to Homeowners and Businesses

    Walston Architectural Products designs and builds customized doors and wall paneling, which are sought-after by homeowners and businesses for their modern look and versatile function. 

    Sliding barn doors: An alternative to the pocket door, our sliding doors run on a track, parallel to the wall. Sliding barn doors are not only unique and desirable design choices, but their functionality maximizes room space. They can be used to separate rooms more subtly and attractively than the typical hinged door. Our doors come in a variety of paints and stains, and the design, style, and hardware are all chosen to our clients’ specifications.

    Wall paneling: Our signature wall paneling is not the wood paneling of the past by any stretch of the imagination. Our decorative wall paneling creates textured, stylish designs for any interior space. Imagine a fluted, natural wood accent wall behind a reception desk in an office, or elegant, white slatted paneling for a kitchen’s breakfast nook. We offer a number of panel textures, either natural or painted, for any project that requires a feature that is more thoughtful and elegant than your average design. 

    One of our valued partners, Hearthside Homes in Kansas City, shared their experience with our products: “We routinely install Walston doors in our spec homes and connect our buyers with their team. Time and time again, Walston Architectural Products has exceeded our expectations by offering a great final product, as well as stellar customer service.”

    We’re ready to partner with you when you have a project in mind that requires one-of-a-kind door and wall solutions. We have your finely crafted doors and paneling covered, so you can focus on other responsibilities. Now, you can confidently tell your clients, “We have a specialist for doors and wall paneling in mind.”

    How Our Door Supplier Trade Program Works

    Walston Architectural Products partners with home builders, remodelers, architects, designers, contractors, and distributors. When these businesses require wall paneling or an appealing, modern door that’s more stylish than the average pocket door, we respond quickly with the perfect solution.

    If you’re considering whether our trade program is right for your business, here’s everything you need to know:

    • Our primary goal is to remove the stress of finding the right partner with the right designs for interior doors and wall paneling.
    • Our partnership process always begins with a consultation to ensure your client gets exactly what they’re looking for. 
    • Our doors are thoroughly customizable, including size, style, design, hardware, and more.
    • We offer discounts to our trade program members, as well as special quantity pricing.

    As a family-owned business, we know the importance of providing quality products that meet your clients’ needs. We know how vital it is to deliver key solutions and continue to grow your reputation. When you partner with Walston Architectural Products, we work on your behalf to deliver finely crafted barn doors and wall paneling, so you can deliver the quality your clients deserve.

    Apply for Our Trade Program to Ensure Your Door Supply Needs Are Covered

    You can apply for our trade program today and start reaping the benefits right away. We work with you on any project you bring our way, whether you require handmade barn doors that go beyond the typical pocket door or wall paneling that will make you think differently about any interior wall’s potential.

    Our team already delivers exceptional customer service to the clients we work with directly. We extend that same professionalism, expertise, and care when working with your clients through our trade program. 

    Walston Architectural Products is proud of the many relationships we’ve already built, and we’re ready to support many more Kansas City businesses. We’re all stronger as a team. There’s nothing like a job well done that includes the contributions and talents of many professionals. That’s what our trade program is all about: joining forces to provide the very best for Kansas City residents and beyond.

    Fill out our trade program application or contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.