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  • December 20, 2023 4 min read

    Walston Architectural Products' Wood Paneling for Walls Serves as Functional Artwork in Your Home

    Homeowners seeking a fresh start - whether that means remodeling a bedroom after you child heads to college, updating your home after a major life event, personalizing a house you just purchased, or whatever it means to you - can embrace the seemingly infinite possibilities with help from custom-crafted wall paneling.

    Although there’s no shortage of changes you can make to a space, wall panels are among our favorite additions. These versatile and stylish home decor elements have been gaining popularity in recent years for their ability to transform any room. Whether your tastes lean more traditional or modern, wood panels fit in with any aesthetic.

    In this blog, we’ll explore five ways wood paneling for walls can help you elevate your home’s interior in 2024. Plus, we'll introduce you to the unique designs we craft by hand at Walston Architectural Products.

    Add Warmth and Texture with Wood Panels

    Regardless of your style and space, wood wall paneling instantly warms up a room. The natural tones and textures of wood contribute to a comforting and welcoming ambiance, perfect for creating a cozy living room or relaxing bedroom.

    Additionally, wall panels give your space a more tactile and visually interesting look, creating distinctive depth and character.

    From rustic to modern, paneling for walls comes in a wide range of styles. You can choose from several types of wood, patterns, and stain and paint colors to match your existing decor. Whether you prefer a classic or more contemporary look, wood panels are easily customizable to your preferences.

    Paneling for Walls Can Help Maximize Limited Space

    You don’t have to knock down walls or completely reconfigure a room’s layout to make it feel bigger. Installing wood wall paneling is a great way to visually expand the size of a room and help it appear more spacious.

    The key to maximizing limited space is to choose lighter-colored wood panels and install them vertically. Lighter colors reflect more light, adding to an open and airy atmosphere. Vertical installation draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and a taller room. This technique is particularly effective in areas with traditionally little square footage, like bathrooms, narrow hallways, or small entryways.

    Create a Feature Wall with Wood Panels

    If you want to make a bold statement in your home, wall panels are your perfect pick. By incorporating them on one wall, you can give a tired room new life and create a stunning focal point.

    A feature wall also allows you to showcase your personality. Because the addition is meant to stand out, you can have fun developing a look that reflects your one-of-a-kind style.

    In addition to their visual impact, statement wall panels also offer practical benefits. They can help define different areas within an open floor plan or highlight architectural features, like a fireplace or built-in shelving. With the right placement and design, a feature wall with wood panels can make a lasting impression.

    Wood Paneling for Walls Can Enhance Acoustics and Reduce Noise

    There’s more to wood wall paneling than meets the eye. The material acts as a natural sound barrier and can greatly improve the acoustic experience within your space.

    Panels absorb and diffuse sound waves to reduce echoes and reverberations, which is especially beneficial in large, open areas or rooms with hard surfaces that tend to amplify noises. Adding wood panels can contribute to a more balanced and pleasant acoustic environment, making conversations clearer and keeping unwanted sounds to a minimum.

    Increase Your Home's Resale Value with Wall Panels

    If you’ll be putting your home on the market, wood panels are a simple yet effective way to grab the attention of potential buyers. These elements are highly sought after for their timeless charm and elegance, and if a homebuyer sees you’ve already put the time and effort into installation, they’re more likely to fall in love with your home. Whether you go for a contemporary, polished look or something more traditional, wood paneling for walls can boost your home’s appeal when it’s time to sell - not like the old-style wood paneling in granny’s house.

    On top of their aesthetic advantages, wall panels can help improve home insulation and energy efficiency. Reduced heat loss and affordable utility bills are valuable and desirable features among today’s buyers, making your home that much more attractive.

    Shop Walston Architectural Products' Custom Wood Panels

    At Walston Architectural Products, we’re committed to helping you create a space you love. Our custom paneling for walls is expertly handcrafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

    When placing an order for our wood panels, available in reeded, fluted, and slatted styles, you have several material options, including unfinished MDF, primed white MDF, unfinished white oak, and unfinished birch. Our MDF solutions are striking with any paint color, while our natural wood panels look beautiful stained or with a simple clear coat. Whatever you choose, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your design goals.

    Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Make your dream home a reality with Walston Architectural Products. Visit our online shop to start exploring our wall panels, or contact us to speak to a member of our friendly team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!