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  • December 20, 2023 4 min read

    Walston Architectural Products Has Barn Door Styles for Every Room

    If your new year’s resolutions don’t include adding some flair to your home, we implore you to reconsider. It’s not just that remodeling is the perfect goal, but it’s also because Walston AP has a way to make it the easiest resolution to mark off your list.

    Adding a custom barn door to your room elevates the aesthetic and functionality of your space. Different barn door styles have surged in recent popularity because of their modern charm, space-saving attributes, and versatility in complementing various interior styles. And any of them are ideal for your home in 2024.

    At Walston Architectural Products, we’re not just door suppliers; we handcraft high-quality, custom barn doors for every kind of space. Our sophisticated designs not only elevate your home, but take the space-saving functions of a modern sliding door and create a stylish focal point in any room.

    Find Timeless Charm in Your Custom Barn Door

    There’s a natural charm to a barn door. Originating from traditional barns and farmhouses, these doors infuse a sense of history and character into modern homes. Natural wood textures, unique finishes, and classic hardware evoke a warm, inviting ambiance and makes them a perfect addition to both contemporary and traditional interiors.

    Our door company in Kansas City takes this classic charm and adds a modern twist. Barn doors aren’t exclusive to a farmhouse style! Our styles, wood grains, and customizable designs allow you to take sliding door designs to the next level, whether you’re in pursuit of something with eclectic flair, minimalist modernism, or anything in between. Take a look at our offerings for inspiration.

    Your Custom Barn Door Is a Space-Saving Solution

    As you begin to remodel your home in the new year, functionality is an important factor as you make changes to your space. One of the most significant advantages of a custom barn door is its space-saving design.

    Unlike conventional swinging doors, barn doors slide along a track. This utilizes wall space rather than requiring floor clearance for opening and closing or complex drywall work from a handyman for a pocket door. This feature is especially beneficial in smaller rooms or areas where every inch matters. A modern sliding door functions like any other door without sacrificing any square footage.

    No need to worry if your new door will fit into your space! When you decide to work with our door company in Kansas City, you get to customize your door to the exact size needed for optimal space-saving. We also offer paint or stain samples so you can see what your door will look like in your room.

    Choose The Right Custom Barn Door Style For Your Space

    Selecting the perfect barn door style involves considering your existing decor, future renovations, and the ambiance you want to create. Do you want a classic look? Unique shapes? A door that makes a statement? Not sure where to start? Consider some of these popular styles where a barn door fits in perfectly:


    • Modern minimalist: Choose sleek, painted finishes with clean lines and minimalist hardware for a contemporary touch.
    • Industrial chic: Incorporate metal accents, such as black iron hardware, for an edgy, industrial look.
    • Farmhouse charm: Embrace white or light-colored doors with cross-beam patterns for a cozy, farmhouse-inspired feel.

    No matter what style suits you the most, a modern sliding door fits right in. At Walston Architectural Products, you can choose from an array of wood patterns, like aztec, chevron, diamond, herringbone, modern slat, and more. When you choose a barn door style, you then get to decide the hardware and finish. This might include a paint color, depending on what look you’re going for.

    Elevate Your Space with a Custom Barn Door

    The addition of a custom barn door can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home. Beyond its functional benefits, it serves as a design element that adds character and visual interest to any room. Whether it's a bedroom, living area, or kitchen, a well-chosen barn door can tie together the decor and create a focal point to elevate your overall ambiance.

    Custom Barn Door Installation Is Simple

    While some home renovations cost a lot of time, money, and labor, a custom barn door is easy to install, especially when you use our sliding door company! Before you order your new door, ensure that the wall where the track will be mounted is structurally sound and can support the weight of the door.

    Seek professional assistance if needed, as improper installation could lead to functionality issues or damage to the walls. As premier door suppliers, we’re here to guide you through ordering your custom door so it’s the right size for you. Make sure to check out our four simple steps to measure for a barn door or contact us when you’re ready to place your order.

    Start Designing Your Custom Barn Door Today with Walston Architectural Products

    As you embark on your home renovation journey in the new year, remember that the addition of a custom barn door to your design can give your room the pop you’re looking for.

    Place your custom order on our website.