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  • January 22, 2024 4 min read

    Our Kansas City Door Company Is Now Called Walston Architectural Products

    Space-saving products and interior design will always be in-demand. Who doesn’t want extra space at home?

    The promise of added usable space is just one reason that versatile and stylish barn doors from our Kansas City door company grew to popularity; our doors offer a unique and functional alternative to traditional swinging ones.

    Keep reading to learn how barn doors can help you save space throughout your home.

    Preserve Hallway Space

    In narrow or short hallways, every inch of space counts! Sliding barn doors are a game-changer for maximizing hallway space.

    Traditional swinging doors take up valuable floor space and make narrow hallways feel even more cramped. Custom barn doors allow you to free up that space with the help from a sliding mechanism that allows your door to effortlessly glide along a track, requiring very little clearance as it does. With the space you save, you could add functional storage or decorative display areas, like a slim bookshelf or a family photo gallery.

    And because Walston Architectural Products handcrafts each barn door to order, there are a variety of design options available to complement your home’s interior - or we can make one for you that’s truly unique.

    A Custom Barn Door Adds Privacy in the Primary Bathroom

    Not only can a custom barn door make your primary bathroom feel more spacious and stylish, but it can add a touch of charm and privacy, too.

    Most people prefer to “go” alone, but primary bathrooms are often designed to accommodate multiple users at once. Use a barn door to divide an area of your bathroom to add a sense of privacy, such as enclosing the toilet nook. Your barn door won’t take up valuable floor space when it swings inward as you enter the room, and everyone who uses what is likely the best bathroom in the house can get the private time they prefer.

    Make a Statement in Your Living Room

    Creating an inviting and comfortable furniture layout can be a chore. You need a minimum of three feet between pieces of furniture to enable flow and function, but if you’re tight on space, it can be hard to find that three feet anywhere!

    A barn door affords the kind of space savings that can make it far easier to rearrange your furniture. Without having to accommodate for a swinging door, you can now position your sofa near the door, and your barn door will simply slide behind the sofa when you open the door!

    Our custom barn doors also bring drama with unique textures and styles suitable for every type of home decor. Use them to create a focal point in your living room, especially if you don’t have a natural existing one, such as a fireplace.

    Barn Doors Mean a Bigger Bed!

    When it comes to bedrooms, sliding barn doors are a true game changer. Not only do they add style to your sleeping space, but they also offer practical benefits!

    Barn doors are so space-saving that you could upgrade to a larger bed size without interfering with a door. And who doesn’t want a bigger bed?

    When used as the door to your walk-in closet, your custom barn door becomes a major design element, while still serving an important function: keeping cluttered closets from being seen.

    An Ideal Backdrop for Working from Home

    If you work from home, you may have found that you have limited space in the small room you’re using as your office. Or perhaps you work in a room of the house that doesn't have a dedicated door, and you don't want to bother with installing a jamb and performing the necessary drywall work.

    Regardless, a barn door could solve every problem. You can gain the privacy you need for important business calls by sliding them shut - and they make an incredible background for your video call, too!

    Raid the Pantry with Help From a Barn Door

    If you’ve ever tried to twist a doorknob while your hands were full of canned goods, then you already understand that a barn door will help you immensely. Because they slide smoothly along a track mounted above the doorway opening, you don’t need finger dexterity to open and close a barn door. You can simply push it open with your one free hand.

    Custom barn doors also maximize your pantry space. Because they glide very close to your wall, you can place shelves, racks, and other storage nearly right up against the door to maximize every square inch.

    Find Your Barn Door at Walson Architectural Products

    Get ready for a space-saving solution that adds style and privacy to your home! Our Kansas City door company hand-builds quality barn doors that are made to last, for all styles of decor.

    Shop our barn doors for sale on our website, where you can explore designs, finishes, and hardware options to complement your home interior.

    If you have any questions about our products or installation, send us a message online.