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  • June 10, 2024 4 min read

    Wall Paneling Sheets Make Interior Decorating Easy and Affordable, and Answering Just a Few Quick Questions Will Help You Find Your Perfect Option.

    Rustic and relaxed, modern and chic, or elegant and sleek. Whatever your interior design style, there is a wall panel to match.

    Decorative wall paneling is a beautiful and versatile look that has shown to be a consistently popular choice to affordably modernize, update, or add character to a space.

    Crafted from natural wood-inspired 3D laminate and MDF, wall panels from Walston Architectural Products offer a stylish way to add flair to a space and come with an impressive list of added benefits too.

    Aside from looking good, our faux wood wall paneling adds texture and dimension, creates an accent wall for displaying art or merchandise, covers unsightly construction elements or flaws, and absorbs sound for better indoor acoustics.

    But with so many great style options, like our reeded, fluted, or slatted panels, it’s hard to know which one is the perfect design choice for you. So we’re here to break it down and guide you toward making the right decision.

    Take our quiz to decide which wall paneling option is the perfect fit for you. Keep track of the number of As, Bs, or Cs you choose.

    1. Choose an interior aesthetic for your design:

    • A. Art deco
    • B. Industrial or urban style
    • C. Modern or mid-century modern

      2. Choose a movie, book, or TV show to inspire your design:
      • A. The Great Gatsby
      • B. New Girl
      • C. The Devil Wears Prada

      8. Choose a historical time period for inspiration:
      • A. 1920’s America
      • B. Ancient Greece
      • C. Modern-day Japan

      3. Choose an cool new business to influence your design:
      • A. Trendy hotel
      • B. Craft brewery and restaurant
      • C. Relaxing spa retreat

      4. How do you want your space to feel?
      • A. Elegant and classic
      • B. Harmonious and playful
      • C. Sleek and modern

      5. Add some extra character - choose an adjective to give your design some personality:
      • A. Whimsical
      • B. Casual
      • C. Chic

      6. Pick your nature-inspired design influence:
      • A. Smooth river stones
      • B. Rippling ocean waves
      • C. Tall cypress trees

      7. Choose an added benefit:
      • A. Adds texture
      • B. Easy upkeep and maintenance
      • C. Sound absorption

      The Results Are In! What’s Your Wall Paneling Style?

      You Chose Mostly As - Pick Reeded Wall Paneling For an Elegant, Vintage Look

      Reeded wall paneling creates a moody, elegant look that can be used for many different stylistic themes including modern, vintage, art deco, or minimalist.

      This unique design choice breaks up big spaces and excessive light, while also utilizing its convex flowing design to bring texture and warmth into a room. Reeded panels are often used in conjunction with directional lighting that have the added bonus of casting shadows, enhancing character and depth.

      Reeded wall panels are highly versatile but are popularly used in office spaces, reception rooms, hotels, or anywhere that has use for a unique and stylish accent wall or space.

      You Chose Mostly Bs - Opt For Fluted Panels For a Contemporary and Decorative Wall Paneling Style

      Trendy, contemporary, and understated, fluted wall paneling has its place in industrial or urban interiors, often blending well with cement, brick, and many other design features. Fluted panels offer a winning combination of function and timeless style, creating a harmonious, fluid look while also promising simple maintenance due to the open, concave curves that allow for easy cleaning and minimal dust buildup.

      To optimize the superior blendability of this style, Walston Architectural Products offers fluted wall panels in many colors and textures including wood colors, linen, limewash, and black and white marble to ensure there’s a color for every design.

      Due to the subtle but stylish texture of this particular design, fluted panels are great for adding texture and character to any commercial space. Some popular uses include restaurant feature walls, cafe counters, retail cash wraps, hotel headboards, and executive offices.

      You Chose Mostly Cs - Order Slatted Panels for a Modern, Yet Classic Faux Wood Wall Paneling Design Choice

      Slatted wall paneling is sleek, simple, and natural looking, great for modern style, or updating an older-looking space. The clean, wood-plank look is popularly used in minimalism or Scandinavian inspired designs, but due to its incredibly neutral and simple look, it can be highly adaptable to any style. Slatted wall panels are most reminiscent of the standard 1960s and 1970s wall paneling, but with a more modern twist.

      Use slatted wall panels for spa reception desks, hotel lobbies, apartment complex community areas, private medical practices, or office spaces. As slatted wall panels also improve sound absorption, it can also be a great faux wood wall paneling option for spaces with high ceilings or solid surface floors that may otherwise cause an echo.

      No Matter Which Wall Paneling Style Is Right For You, You Can’t Go Wrong With Walston Architectural Products

      Whether you choose slatted, reeded, or fluted faux wood wall paneling, at Walston Architectural Products, you can’t go wrong with our expertly handcrafted panels that look fantastic and work in a variety of spaces. In multiple colors and textures, our wall paneling sheets have the power to entirely transform your space and work with any aesthetic or design taste.

      We make our wall panels with an optional Class-A fire rating, careful craftsmanship, and premium materials that ensure durability. Explore our online products including sample packs, so you can choose from our wall paneling styles and ensure you’ve found the perfect fit for your design. Call us today if you need help finding the right wall panels for you as you work to transform your space to the design of your - or your clients’ - dreams.