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  • June 17, 2024 4 min read

    Out With the Old and In With the Old-School-Made-New. Why Faux Wood Paneling for Walls Is Earning Its Place In the 21st Century

    California businesses and commercial space designers continually explore the best way to make interiors more inviting and exciting, in an effort to attract clientele, set the stage for their products and services, and characterize their brand identity in a visual way.

    Wood paneling for walls isn’t exactly a modern design phenomenon. With origins dating back to the 16th century and earlier, and a residential peak in popularity in the 1960s, wood panels for walls have had their share of the spotlight. But modern design trends have seen a dramatic revival in the use of faux wood wall paneling in California.

    No longer limited to traditional wall decoration, imitation wood paneling for walls is now making a splash in high-end modern design and commercial development and offers a wealth of design advantages including versatility, durability, and a boost in character, texture, originality, and modern style.

    Let’s dive into some features of wall coverings and explore why contemporary wall paneling options from Walston Architectural Products might give you a reason to reconsider traditional wall coverings and bring them into the modern era.

    Paneling For Walls Offers an Easy Upgrade Option

    For insulation purposes and stylistic reasons, wall coverings have been popular for decades if not centuries, with interior design trends over time favoring various wall coverings including tapestries, tile, and wallpaper.

    But where tile, tapestries, and wallpaper fall short, our 3D laminate faux wood paneling for walls is a cut above the rest for easy installation, effortless style, and permanence that lasts.

    Tile offers many cosmetic benefits but it can be expensive, heavy, hard to maintain, and even more difficult to repair, often making it an impractical wall covering for anything but residential kitchens and bathrooms.

    Unlike tapestries, paneling for walls is a permanent fixture and has the added benefit of looking both stylish and professional, ideal for a commercial space. Although versatile in design options, wallpaper cycles in and out of style over the years and can be tricky to apply, easily damaged, and becomes outdated with changing trends.

    Even faux wood panels for walls lead the way for a catch-all wall covering solution, offering a stylistic upgrade. And when you order your 3D laminate panels with a professional wall paneling supplier like Walston Architectural Products, you receive guidance every step of the way as you make your design choice and install it in your space.

    Add Dimension to Your Space

    An obvious benefit of wall coverings is bringing a 3D design and texture to a wall that paint alone cannot..

    Consequently, it’s no surprise to see paneling for walls exploding in popularity for California designers seeking to add dimension to a space. Laminate faux wood panels for walls are permanent fixtures, can be cut to fit any space or shape, and offer a timeless, neutral look that manages to blend smoothly with any theme, aesthetic, or color scheme.

    Many design experts now favor commercial paneling for walls due to their ability to add dimension to a space while offering low maintenance, adaptable style, and an instant upgrade for a space that could benefit from added dimension and character.

    In California, Paneling for Walls Offers a Perfect Balance Of Modern and Timeless
    Providing your space with bold, stylish, and unique designs, paneling is no longer limited to traditional wood wall decoration, wainscotting, and board and batten. Instead, reeded, slatted, and fluted laminate panels have emerged as a highlight of modern interior design due their versatility, suitable for any theme, color scheme, aesthetic, space size, and design vision - whether that’s modern, classic, or something that is simultaneously both.

    So whether you’re looking for a warm, traditional style, or a sleek and modern look, paneling for walls is a solution that works for any design.

    Beautiful Form, Great Function

    Wall coverings have become a go-to design choice for commercial designers looking to update spaces. Aside from the range of patterns and paneling styles you can explore, faux wood paneling for walls is also a low maintenance option that offers extra functional benefits.

    Not only are these wood-alternative panels easy to install but they are also:


    • Highly durable.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Sound absorbing.

    Additionally, if you’re searching for commercial paneling for walls, ours come with an optional Class A fire-rating, for California-area businesses like restaurants and hotels that must prioritize safety in design.

    Smart Decisions Never Get Old! Choose Commercial Paneling For Walls From Walston Architectural Products

    As a versatile and visually striking design feature, wall coverings will continue to earn their place at the forefront of popular interior design, and faux wood wall paneling is leading the trend.

    At Walston Architectural Products, we’re passionate about creating design features for anyone seeking to add dimension and style to their commercial spaces. Our range of 3D laminate wall panel designs can instantly update your space into something attractive, unique, modern and adaptable for any design vision.

    Browse our panels to get started, or give us a call today to learn more about our products and how to get shipping or delivery to California.