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  • October 04, 2023 3 min read

    A Professionally Made Modern Barn Door Is More Refined, Stylish, and Longer Lasting

    When you’re looking to add a special touch to your home, there’s nothing quite like the visual appeal of a barn door. These pieces of functional artwork not only enhance the style of a space, but also provide a practical, space-saving solution that surpasses traditional swinging doors. If you fancy yourself particularly handy, you may think you can take the DIY route and construct a barn door on your own. However, this isn’t the best idea. In general, woodwork should be left to a professional who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve a flawless outcome. Keep reading to learn more about why commissioning a custom barn door from a door company near you is better than building your own.

    DIY Barn Doors Often Don’t Look as Polished

    The truth is DIY barn doors typically don’t look as good as their professionally made counterparts. Craftsmen understand the materials and tools they’re working with, ensuring the finished product is correctly sized and built to last. Craftsmen also already own the necessary tools, so a DIY attempt will require significant investment. Although barn doors are rather simple in nature, assembling one can be complex. There are several parts to take into consideration, including the door itself, header board, hangers, and track. When you’re not familiar with how all these components work together, you’re left navigating uncharted waters on your own, which can contribute to a rough and ready result.

    DIY Barn Doors Can Be More of an Expense

    If you’re not used to using a miter saw or other power tools, now isn’t the time to start. All it takes is one wrong cut, and you’re forced to restart your project. This not only costs you time, but money on new materials as well. Professionals handle these tools on a daily basis and take calculated measurements to make sure each cut is the right cut and reduce waste.

    Barn Doors Require Substantial Effort

    You can’t simply DIY a modern barn door in an afternoon. At Walston Architectural Products, we know good things take time and allocate six to 10 weeks for all custom barn door orders. That’s because quality craftsmanship is our top priority. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, and we won’t send an order out the door - no pun intended - until it meets our exacting standards. We put in the time and effort necessary, so you can enjoy your barn door for years to come.

    Custom Barn Doors Use Higher-Quality Materials

    Our door company near you is committed to using the highest quality materials in our products. Our stain-grade doors can be constructed from premium rustic alder or white oak and look beautiful stained or with a clear coating that lets the natural wood shine. For our painted barn door designs, we use medium-density fiberboard, otherwise known as MDF. But unlike the MDF you can find at your local hardware store, our material is machine-grade quality, meaning it’s stronger and more durable. Its smooth finish also lends itself well to applying color, so paint glides on with ease.

    Custom Barn Doors Offer More Variety

    Most barn door DIYs follow a pretty basic template. Although there’s nothing wrong with a simple design, shopping for a custom barn door allows you to get something more unique and that better aligns with your preferences. Walston Architectural Products crafts barn doors in a wide range of styles. Whether your tastes lean more traditional or modern, there’s a barn door that’s sure to catch your eye. In addition to classic panel designs, we have options that feature diamond, chevron, herringbone, and more attention-grabbing patterns.

    Bring Your Vision to Life with the Help of Our Door Company Near You

    Don’t take on a barn door project by yourself. For a result you love, you need the help of an expert like Walston Architectural Products. We’re passionate about working with you and offering solutions that fit right in with your home’s aesthetic. Our team pays careful attention to the details, so your completed barn door is everything you imagined it would be. If you’re in the Kansas City area, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom. During your one-hour consultation, we’ll learn more about what you like (and don’t like) and present several options that put you one step closer to realizing your dream space. You can also browse our selection of custom barn doors on our website. Be sure to check our wall panels while you’re there, too! For more information about getting a barn door for your home, call (816) 726-3841. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!