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  • July 28, 2023 3 min read

    Your New Custom Door from Our Kansas City Door Company Is Easy to Install!

    Barn doors are a unique, yet versatile way to elevate a room and improve flow. Can you imagine one fitting perfectly in your space?

    Walston Architectural Products creates custom, premium barn doors in Kansas City, MO. Although we don’t provide barn door installers for you, we’re happy to help you feel confident in installing it yourself or referring you to our list of preferred door installation contractors.

    Follow these tips for a smooth barn door installation when you order from our Kansas City door company!

    Measure the Space for Your Barn Door

    Before you order your barn door, it’s important you measure your space properly. This will make barn door installation far more successful and prevent any roadblocks in the process.

    Consider where you want to install your barn door. Make sure there’s enough space, not just in the doorway, but also where the door will slide open. The last thing you want to do is install the door and realize it bumps into objects or a wall and won’t open properly.

    After you’ve chosen a location for your barn door installation, measure the height of the doorway. Measure from the floor to the top of the trim. We recommend your door be 1" taller than the doorway. Then, measure the width. When you do this, you should measure from the outside of the trim to the outside of the trim on the opposite side. We recommend your door to be 3" wider if you have trim and 5" wider if you don’t have trim. Then measure from floor to ceiling to ensure there is about 6" above the door opening to allow for barn door hardware.

    Accurate measurements are important, as your door won’t function properly if you don’t have the right fit.

    Tip: Consider which direction is best for your doorway! Once you’ve chosen the right sides for you, measure the wall space and time on the side it will slide open. The wall space should be at least as wide as the barn door.

    Pick Hardware for Your Barn Door Installation

    Barn door hardware makes your new door slide smoothly across the doorway opening. High quality hardware can more or break installation. Our Kansas City door company offers hardware kits that have everything you need to get your door sliding!

    We offer two types of door hangers, flat hangers and top-mount hangers. Choose a flat hanger for a more subtle look, or consider a top-mounted hanger for the traditional barn door style. You might also want handles for your barn door. These are easy to install as well and can be sold individually, so you can purchase one, two, or none for a more simple look. Each hardware kit comes with instructions and the needed supplies for successful installation.

    What You’ll Need for Your Barn Door Installation

    There are a few things you’ll need to successfully complete your barn door installation.

    These are the tools you need, and most homeowners have them handy already!

    • Drill and drill bit
    • Tape measure
    • Level
    • Writing utensil, such as a pencil
    • Wrench

    These tools will make the installation process quicker and easier, especially when you follow the instructions included with your door and hardware.

    Our Barn Doors Are Easiest to Install

    Most sliding doors are surprisingly easy to install on your own, but Walston Architectural Products has simplified the process. We ensure DIY homeowners or interior designers are able to install their own barn doors because we:

    • Offer the right hardware in the right sizes for your new custom barn door. You’ll never need to shop around.
    • We include everything you need when you purchase your hardware, down to screws and anchors.
    • We pre-drill the door for you when you purchase hardware from us.
    • All our doors and hardware come with detailed installation instructions.

    Visit Our Kansas City Door Company Today!

    You don’t need to find professional barn door installation near you - you have everything you need to perfectly install the door of your dreams.

    If, after you receive your door and hardware, you have installation questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’re happy to help you ensure the perfect installation of your new custom barn door.