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  • January 13, 2023 4 min read

    Evaluating the Current and Future Standing on Custom Barn Doors

    There’s one huge question that homeowners and interior designers ask when considering any major renovation or change to a house: “Is this trendy or timeless?”

    “Trendy” is denoted by design elements, types of furniture, and home upgrades that are at the apex of their popularity right now but will be considered out of fashion or outdated within the next few years.

    “Timeless” indicates that the functionality and aesthetics of something has an enduring quality that will remain consistent throughout the ages. It is not negatively affected by the whims and waves of fashion.

    So, where do custom barn doors stand in the “trendy vs. timeless debate”? If you’ve been paying even a little bit of attention to the interior design world, then you already know that barn doors have seen a rise in prominence as of late. They’re popping up in homes and offices all throughout the country. Keeping that in mind, how do you determine if custom barn doors are a fad or not?

    Once we’ve broken down how these products can boost the functionality and aesthetic of any home, we’ll take a deeper dive into how to find custom barn doors near you in Kansas City.

    Functionality Never Goes Out of Fashion

    There’s a reason we don’t ride on horses anymore as our main form of transport. When the car was invented, this provided a better way of getting from point A to point B. People tend to gravitate towards products that work better and make their life easier.

    Regarding the traditional door, it does the job that it’s supposed to do. However, it does have one long standing limitation – it requires clearance to swing open and closed. All that square footage in its path needs to be unoccupied for it to work, which is exactly why custom barn doors win in the functionality department.

    Unlike traditional doors, custom barn doors are installed so that they move along your wall rather than swinging open. The low-profile design of these doors allows homeowners to maximize their space, especially in tight areas like hallway laundry rooms and bedroom closets.

    The Barn Door Continues to Get Modern Updates

    Look at any photo of a custom barn door in someone’s home, and you’re likely to see the exposed hardware track at the top. This is where the door slides back and forth.

    Not everyone likes to see the metal track, because with the wrong decor style, it adds visual clutter. As a result, the barn door trend has continued to evolve to include options that conceal the hardware - proof positive that the demand for custom barn doors is here to stay.

    By adding a sleek, solid valence to encase the track, your barn door hardware is carefully concealed. Whether you want to call attention to the valence by painting or staining it a contrasting color, or minimizing it by matching your existing wall color is totally up to you.

    Custom Always Wins Over Cookie Cutter

    Check out the doors in your home. They all pretty much look the same, right? Same design. Same stain or paint color. The color difference between your walls and your doors may be a couple shades off, which means your doors practically blend into the space around them.

    Granted, you can elevate pretty much any room with the right paint color and furniture, but custom barn doors add an opulence to your space that regular doors just can’t deliver. Additionally, there are so many different barn door designs and customization options that customers never need worry about seeing their barn door in another person’s home. At Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City, we handcraft all our products and rarely repeat any of our barn door styles, which ensures they retain their one-of-a-kind quality.

    By comparison, big box manufacturers crank out door after door after door in an assembly line operation. Although this is the cheap and easy way to make doors, they don’t provide the elevated aesthetic or customization options that custom barn doors do.

    The easiest way to get familiar with our custom barn door styles is by checking out our online shop. Many of our doors allow you to customize the hardware, finish, size, and other attributes so that it perfectly integrates into your home. Custom barn doors can be anything from rustic to ultra-chic and modern.

    Ready to Start Your Search for Custom Barn Doors Near Kansas City?

    The great thing about shopping for the latest custom barn door designs and styles is that most of it can be done online. Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City has broken down our product line into three specific tiers, each with their own price range, customization options, and designs. They include:

    Need to see some custom barn doors in person before making a decision? No problem!

    Simply book an appointment with Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City for a one-on-one consultation that covers how we make our custom barn doors along with a showcase of our products. We can even help you decide which barn door designs are the best fit based upon your budget and home’s aesthetic.

    For questions about our products or to get a quote, contact us directly via our contact form. You can also call us at (816) 726-3841.