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  • February 24, 2023 3 min read

    A Barn Door Supplier in Kansas City That Supports Local Businesses

    Decorative wall paneling is catching fire in the interior design world. This alternative to standard drywall is a practical and affordable way to add depth, texture, and personality to a previously blank wall space.

    Although Walston Architectural Products is best known for providing high-quality custom barn doors, we have branched out into the world of wood paneling for walls and other interior features. For those of you who are looking for custom wall panels for sale in Kansas City or who simply need more info – you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into some of the highlights of decorative wall panels and how they can help elevate your space.

    Why Homeowners Are Gravitating to Wood Paneling for Walls

    In the mind of most homeowners, they have two choices for their wall space: standard drywall or wallpaper. This puts a lot of pressure on the homeowner to pick just the right shade of paint or to select the perfect pattern of wallpaper that won’t look dated in a few years. Homeowners also need to worry about sunlight. UV rays pouring through the windows are going to slowly degrade any surface they touch, including the walls.

    Fortunately, high-quality wall panels have been a saving grace for homeowners who want to incorporate natural wood grain with the textural element of fluted, reeded, or slatted wall paneling. When shopping for custom wall panels for sale in Kansas City, you can count on the following:

    Customization options: One of the major advantages of working with wall paneling is that homeowners can choose from several different types of materials, finishes, and patterns. The amount of customization options ensures that your decorative wall panels are unique to your home.

    Simple installation: Another thing that homeowners like about wood paneling for walls is how simple the installation is. Use a construction glue/grab adhesive or nail wall panels directly into the wall studs. Can be used on both walls and ceilings for residential or commercial use.

    Protection and soundproofing: Wall paneling is a great way to protect your walls from potential dents and dings, which comes in handy for those high traffic areas of the home or office. Additionally, wall paneling is perfect for rooms that have especially thin walls that can benefit from some additional soundproofing.

    Easy to keep clean: No matter which custom wall panels for sale in Kansas City you go with, you can count on them being extremely easy to maintain. Wooden wall paneling is incredibly low maintenance. Simply wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and a wood-friendly cleaning product to keep it looking its best.

    Timelessness factor: There are very few interior design choices that hold up decade after decade. Wood paneling happens to be one of them. The timelessness of the wood grain pattern plays well with several other interior design features that are adjacent to it, which makes wall paneling one of the most versatile upgrades you can make.

    Wall Paneling Options from Walston Architectural Products

    Finding high-quality custom wall panels for sale in Kansas City is easy when you know where to look. As one of the industry’s leading providers of custom barn doors and wall paneling, Walston Architectural Products provides several options for homes and businesses that aim to elevate their interior design scheme.

    We have three main wall paneling products. Our reeded decorative wall panels feature rounded convex carvings of the wood, which gives the surface rippled pattern that extends vertically. Fluted decorative wall panels, on the other hand, feature a rounded concave carving in the wood that gives off a ripple effect. Finally, our slatted decorative wall panels use a uniform arrangement of wood slats and feature no curvature of any kind.

    Of course, most people want to see the quality of our wall paneling before they commit to a purchase and installation, which is exactly why we offer samples of the product. Visit the wall paneling sample page to customize and order your sample. For questions about any of our wall paneling products, feel free to contact us and a member of the Walston Architectural Products team will get back with you shortly.

    Searching for barn doors for sale in Kansas City? Walston Architectural Products specializes in creating customizable barn doors that come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. Start shopping for custom barn doors today on our website. You can also book an appointment with us to get a personalized tour to get more familiar with our products. Contact us directly via our contact form or call us at (816) 726-3841 for any additional questions you may have.