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  • June 13, 2022 3 min read

    Six Barn Door Designs That You Can Get from Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City

    Although barn doors seem like the kind of functional home décor that can only work in a farmhouse, cabin, or country home, it’s pretty amazing just how well they can be integrated into a home or business. As a leading designer and manufacturer of custom barn doors, Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City has successfully conceptualized and handcrafted products that perfectly fit with their established surroundings.

    Whether you live in a contemporary, ranch style, or mid-century modern home, there’s a perfect custom barn door waiting to be created that will elevate the overall aesthetic and redefine the flow of your residence. It’s really a matter of nailing down the right materials, paint/stain, hardware, and style of your custom barn door that will complement your home or business.

    Need a little inspiration to kick things off? Here are the top six interior door trends and barn door designs.

    #1 - Modern Barn Door – Sliding 3 Panel

    The thing that people love about the modern barn door design is that it can truly be incorporated into virtually any living or office space. From a design perspective, the modern barn door is timeless and understated. However, you have room to make bold choices with the paint finish and hardware style.

    #2 - Geometric White Oak Door

    The geometric white oak door is an eye-capturing work of art, especially when framed against the backdrop of non-patterned walls. The grain and perpendicular pattern of the white oak slats give the eye plenty to chew on, but this custom barn door is far more than just eye candy. It’s sturdy and steadfast, and yet light on its proverbial feet when you need to slide it over.

    #3 - Modern Slat Sliding Door

    The modern slat sliding door is a piece that showcases the quality of craftsmanship and the wood we use at Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City. The vertically placed slats create an illusionary effect on the eye, especially when viewed from angles that are off to the side of this custom barn door.

    #4 - 1-Panel Z Barn Door

    The 1-panel Z barn door is about as close as you can get to that classic barn door experience without actually being on a working ranch. This style of custom barn door showcases all the rustic beauty of the natural wood grain and the quality of craftsmanship. The classic Z-pattern harkens back to the original barn door designs from the 1800s. If you’ve been looking for a door company near you that specializes in this little slice of Americana, look no further than Walston Architectural Products.

    #5 - Spaced Chevron Barn Door

    Customers love the spaced chevron barn door because it’s one of the few barn door designs that can pull off a modern look while remaining timeless. The design, arrangement of the slats, and finish will retain its mass appeal 100 years from now. It’s the perfect barn door for a home or business that wants a contemporary spin on a classic piece.

    #6 – Full Mirror Barn Door

    The full mirror barn door perfectly marries fashion, function, and overall versatility. Just like every custom barn door handmade by Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City, this piece is crafted to integrate seamlessly into your home with the added bonus of a full-length vanity mirror. It’s perfect for getting ready in the morning for work or before your big night out. Make sure you tack on the optional soft close feature to prevent slamming; it’s highly recommended for custom barn doors that feature mirrors or glass panels.

    Ready to Design a Custom Barn Door of Your Very Own? Contact Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City!

    Now that you know which barn door designs are trending, the next step is to find the perfect barn door for your home or business. Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City offers so many different styles and customization options that your choices are practically limitless.

    Need a little more inspiration? Visit our online shop which showcases the many designs and styles of custom barn doors we make. You can also book an appointment for an in-person consultation at Walston Architectural Products. This will allow you to get up close and personal with some of our finished products.

    Additionally, if you’re looking for custom barn door installation near you, our team can take care of that if you live within 25 miles of our shop and purchase your door(s) directly from Walston Architectural Products. If you live beyond that, contact us directly for a quote. For clarity, we will not install custom barn doors manufactured by another company.

    Have more questions about our custom barn doors for sale? Contact us directly using the contact form on our website or call us at (816) 726-3841.