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  • February 22, 2024 3 min read

    The Only Limit to Custom Barn Doors Is Your Imagination

    You may have noticed a slight name change to Walston Door Company. We’re now Walston Architectural Products. Why? Our new name reflects that we’re so much more than custom sliding barn doors! Our craftsmen create architectural pieces that elevate your home’s style.

    Sliding barn doors originated in agricultural settings, where farmers needed an easy and practical solution for letting livestock in and out of stalls. Because barn doors didn’t swing open like traditional designs, they also saved space in the barn and didn’t intrude on high-traffic areas.

    In many cases, barn doors were constructed with extra lumber that was lying around on the farm. Wooden planks were fitted together and additional slabs were placed on top in a “X” or “Z” pattern for stability. Soon, this style began to show up on other pieces of rural architecture, including farmhouses and sheds.

    In the 20th century, homeowners in urban and suburban areas began using barn doors, too. These fixtures were well loved for their rustic charm - and still are to this day. But barn door styles have come a long way since their humble beginnings and can be found in all types of homes - from shabby chic to modern.

    Keep reading to learn about the versatility of barn doors and how to select the perfect design for your space.

    Integrating Barn Doors Into Different Home Styles

    Barn doors blend style and functionality, making them universally appealing. These home additions aren’t simply beautiful to look at, but also practical for separating rooms, while maximizing space.

    A barn door doesn’t require hinges or a door jam like a swinging door and instead opens and closes by sliding along a track. For this reason, it’s an ideal solution for areas with limited square footage.

    Whatever your space and style preferences, though, a barn door can fit right in. It’s all about how you use materials and colors to echo your home’s aesthetic. For a minimalistic design, you may opt for a barn door style with a simple wood pattern and sleek painted finish. On the other hand, barn doors in more traditional settings may feature classic farmhouse motifs, like the “X” or “Z” layout.

    In industrial designs, barn doors with darker palettes work best. Rich wood stains and metallic hardware complement the raw, edgy atmosphere of these spaces. You can amp up the airy ambience in a coastal retreat with a light-colored custom barn door.

    Ultimately, there’s a barn door style for every setting. These fixtures are design chameleons and have the power to elevate any room in any home.

    How to Incorporate a Custom Barn Door Into Your Home

    A barn door is more than a door; it’s a piece of functional artwork that can help shape the overall look and feel of your home. To ensure you choose the perfect barn door for sale, start by deciding on the space where it will be installed.

    Barn doors aren’t confined to any single room. They can provide an intriguing separation between your kitchen and dining area, add a touch of uniqueness to your home office, transform a standard closet into a sophisticated and eye-catching statement, and more.

    Once you settle on a location, consider the role the door will play in your space. Do you want it to serve as a subtle background element or a bold focal point? Your answer will guide your design choices for material, color, and hardware.

    You should also think about how a barn door style will interact with the existing design elements in your room. For a seamless integration, select materials and finishes that reflect your current decor. For instance, a stained wooden barn door could look right at home in a country-style kitchen, while a more simplistic door could enhance a contemporary living room.

    Ultimately, the key to incorporating a custom barn door in your home lies in understanding your space and fully embracing your personal tastes.

    Design Your Custom Barn Door with Our Kansas City Door Company

    Boost your home’s form and function with a custom barn door from Walston Architectural Products. Our craftsmen construct all our doors by hand using the highest quality materials, meaning our designs don’t just look great, but are built to last.

    Browse our extensive selection online or schedule an appointment to visit our door company in Kansas City. If you’re in the area, coming to our showroom allows you to see, touch, and compare samples of our products up close. A member of our team will get to know you and what you like to help you land on a barn door style that enriches your home and lifestyle. However you choose to shop, we’re confident you’ll find a solution you love.

    Have questions about any of our barn doors for sale? Call (816) 726-3841 or send us a message.