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  • August 22, 2022 4 min read

    The Difference That Online Shopping Can Make When Looking for the Perfect Barn Door

    Here's the thing about online retailers: they are REALLY good at making their products look attractive online. Almost too good.

    With the right lighting and a little bit of Photoshop, even a poor-quality product can look amazing. This is exactly what box stores count on from online shoppers. You can’t see the weak wood, the poor craftsmanship, or the lack of creative detail of the barn door. However, you will see it when it finally arrives on your doorstep, and you may be in for a letdown.

    So, how do you get around that?

    How do you make sure that something is as good as it appears to be online?

    As the saying goes: “Seeing is believing.”

    This is why we here at Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City invite our customers to tour our company showroom. It gives them a chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of custom barn doors and get familiar with our process. Here are some common FAQs that we regularly get from customers about our tours and how they work.

    “Can I walk in, or do I need to make an appointment?”
    An appointment is very strongly preferred, just so we know that we have a person freed up who can give you a tour. The showroom is open to the public but the workshop isn’t. For safety reasons, customers can't walk through our workshop unattended, so setting an appointment is the best way to go about this if you want to see it.

    You can either give us a call at (816) 726-3841 or use the appointment booking section of our website. Plan on being here for at least half an hour so that we have enough time to show you everything.

    “At what point do clients usually make an appointment to visit the showroom?”
    Typically, our clients visit Walston Architectural Products anytime they are in need of a space saving solution to close off a room, but they need a little additional help. We help them determine the best size of door for the space along with a consultation on color and design.

    Other times, people just like to see how our doors are made so that they can get familiar with our process. We have to admit, woodworking is pretty interesting to watch.

    “What can I expect from my tour? What will I see?”
    Tons of stuff! We have a lot of finished custom barn doors in our showroom and plenty more to see in our workshop. It’s a lot to take in.

    You will get the chance to see our products firsthand, and sample the quality of the wood, hardware, and handles. You'll also get an opportunity to see the true colors of the products; they often look slightly different online.

    Walston Architectural Products' showroom contains:

    • 16 different custom barn door designs; we have regular-sized doors and 8 mini doors on display
    • Our standard stain colors shown on 3 different wood species: white oak, alder, and pine
    • Our standard paint colors
    • Hardware options with all the different finishes that we offer
    • All the different handle styles that we offer

    Additionally, we can show you other style/color combinations in progress in the shop, just in case you need to see more options

    “I’m ready to make my appointment. What are the next steps?”

    • Book an appointment through our website on the booking page.
    • Follow the instructions from our how to measure page and bring your dimensions to your appointment. Having these measurements will come in handy during your tour.
    • Bring any inspiration you may have such as color scheme for the room, design, wall paint swab, floor samples, tile samples, etc. We can help you coordinate everything to your custom barn door.
    • For the tour itself, we usually start off by figuring out if you want your barn door painted or stained. Then, we decide on a door design and color. Next, we select hardware sheen such as black, brushed nickel, stainless steel, or gold. Then, we move on to wheel and handle styles.
    • Finally, we end things with a tour of our shop. Our shop contains some in-progress barn doors that may potentially spur some additional ideas.

    Ready to Start Shopping for Custom Barn Doors for Sale? Visit Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City!

    As the leading door company near you in Kansas City, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients and customers some of the most gorgeous, handcrafted custom barn doors in the country. Whether you’re planning to use your barn door as a stylish partition in your office or within your home, Walston Architectural Products can help you customize and craft your perfect solution.

    You can begin your shopping process right now by checking out our barn door designs on our website or you can go ahead and make an in-person appointment for a guided tour of our showroom. Additionally, if you’re looking for barn door installation near you, the Walston Architectural Products team can be deployed to any home within 25 miles of our KC storefront.

    Have more questions about custom barn doors or the installation process? Contact us directly via our contact form or call us at (816) 726-3841.