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  • July 14, 2023 3 min read

    And Where to Find Custom Barn Doors for Sale in Kansas City

    The holidays are coming in hot, which means that gift-givers will be in a mad dash to figure out the perfect present for immediate and extended family. For some, this is easy work: throw the kids and grandkids a few XBox and PS5 games, and call it good. Or maybe you can somehow secure tickets to the upcoming Taylor Swift concert tour.

    But perhaps you want to give a gift that makes more of a lasting impact that the recipient will use and enjoy for years to come.

    We’re talking, of course, about custom barn doors. Although they don’t fall into the “$25 or less” category that you see at white elephant exchanges, custom barn doors are a way to elevate the overall look and feel of a home while also improving functionality.

    If you happen to be a couple that are homeowners but aren’t exactly sure what to get each other, why not take this holiday season as an excuse to give the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round. No, it’s not Clark Griswold’s Jelly of the Month Club. It’s custom barn doors made by the most trusted door company in Kansas City.

    Here are the top three reasons why you should consider checking out barn doors for sale as part of your holiday shopping.

    #1 – You’ll Win Points for Being Unique

    Holiday gift-giving is a big game of everyone expecting the expected. That’s the reason why we ask people for wish lists; we don’t want them to be disappointed. However, that does remove much of the surprise factor.

    Why not go off-script this year? Go outside the box and the pre-established wish list with a custom barn door. We can for sure tell you this is a gift they won’t see coming from a mile away. Not only is it unique and unexpected, but it’s grandiose enough that they’ll be thinking about it for years as one of the best gifts they’ve ever received.

    #2 – A Custom Barn Door Will Be the Biggest Gift of the Year…Literally

    When gift shopping, we all search for that one-of-kind-gift that is so huge that no stocking or Christmas tree canopy can contain it. Although sometimes less is more, other times more is more. Custom barn doors pack the punch of shock and awe that very few gifts can. For the lucky recipient, it will quite literally be the biggest gift they get all year.

    Walston Architectural Products is one of the few custom barn door designers and builders that can create doors that are up to 48 inches in width and 94 inches in height. In fact, you can even go bigger than that if your project requires it.

    #3 – It Means Getting a Gift That’s One-of-a-Kind

    When you’re shopping for custom barn doors for sale, you’re going to notice two things above all else: quality and options. Walston Architectural Products uses only the finest wood species and materials to create our custom barn doors. We also offer tons of options on staining, paint, fixtures, design, sizing, and other attributes.

    This means that once you're done designing and selecting the options of your custom barn door, you've effectively created a one-of-a-kind gift that does not exist in anyone else's home. Walston Architectural Products isn’t a big box store that mass produces certain doors over and over. We’re in the business of making originals that are as distinct as the homes they’re going in.

    Ready to Give the Gift of a Custom Barn Door? Contact Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City!

    If you've been searching for a custom barn door company in Kansas City that specializes in making one-of-the-kind pieces that elevate the look of a home for a lifetime, you've come to the right place. Walston Architectural Products has several barn door designs in various price ranges that are made to suit any budget.

    The best way to get started with shopping for custom barn doors is by visiting our online shop. Our barn doors start as low as $450 and can be picked up or shipped in as little as three to five business days.

    Prefer to see our barn doors in person? You can book an in-person consultation with Walston Architectural Products in Kansas City to get more familiar with our products. If you've never shopped for custom barn doors before, this is the best way to immerse yourself in the world so that you can pick out the best one for your friend or family member - or for yourself.

    For questions about our products or to get a quote, contact us directly via our contact form. You can also call us at (816) 726-3841.