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  • April 01, 2024 4 min read

    With Decorative Wall Paneling, Adding A Touch of Style to Your Commercial Design has Never Been Easier: So Here Are Your Options.

    Crafted from natural wood inspired 3D laminate or MDF, our wall panels feature classic designs that add depth and dimension to any space. Decorative wall paneling is a universally beautiful look that is an easy and affordable way to modernize, update, or upgrade any space.

    With an understated, timeless look, these panels offer a chic way to add a touch of style to any interior. Just a quick look at some examples of wood panel design make it clear why this look is exploding in modern design practice. But we’re here to break it down further with the three key wood paneling designs, all offered by Walston Architectural Products.


    Fluted Wall Paneling

    Fluted wall panels are a versatile wood wall paneling style. The “flutes” are concave grooves molded in parallel lines, creating a 3D look. Fluted paneling offers style, texture and a sophisticated elegance that instantly adds character to a space.

    With their simple, trendy look, fluted wall panels have become increasingly popular in commercial spaces, like spas and restaurants, especially in a variety of colors and patterns such as the marble, black, and wood designs offered by Walston Architectural Products.

    How to Use Fluted Panels in Your Design

    The long, straight lines of fluted panels are a design tool that can be used purposefully for visual design elements that showcase a space effectively. Fluted paneling is great for feature or accent walls in an office, behind a reception desk, or to highlight an entryway. The vertical grooves make walls appear taller and spaces more airy. A horizontal groove - achieved by rotating the panel 90 degrees - can create the illusion of a wider space, great for waiting rooms, along the front of a sales counter, and small offices.

    For a perfect combination of function and timeless style, choose fluted wall panels to expand the look of a space, blend with any color scheme or theme, and add a creative and stylish flair that enhances any commercial space.

    Reeded Wall Paneling

    Reeded panels are another way to add dimension and visual appeal. They are made with smooth, convex grooves (almost like a line of pipes cut in half) in long rows. Like fluted panels, the columns create long straight lines, however the convex grooves also create the illusion of a wave. This design creates a unique look that can be used in many different styles including modern, retro, or rustic looks.

    How to Use Reeded Panels in Your Design

    Reeded panels have a versatile look that can impact the aesthetic for any interior. The long lines offer modern elegance, while the cylindrical grooves add warmth and texture. The curvature of reeded paneling means that it’s a great decorative wall paneling choice for an area with a lot of light.

    The look can break up big spaces and glaring brightness, create a sense of warmth in a room, and add shadows and 3D texture to a space - especially when enhanced with directional lighting. Choose reeded wall paneling for any accent wall or to add character and depth to office spaces, reception rooms, and hotels.

    Slatted Wall Paneling

    Slatted wall panels are characterized by a smooth surface broken up by narrow grooves or “slats,” creating a flatter paneled look that looks almost similar to wooden planks. This natural wood-inspired look provides a sleek, simple, and natural looking design that effortlessly adds a modern flair.

    How to Use Slatted Wall Panels in Your Design

    Slat panels are easy to measure and install and a simple and stylish way to update a space. Many people opt for slat wood wall paneling due to its universal look that blends well with multiple decor styles, as seen in the marble, linen and wood designs we offer at Walston Architectural Products.

    Because of its versatile, neutral style, wood slat walls are a great choice for any commercial or business space. The relaxed, calming look it provides can be a popular choice for spas, hotels, apartment complexes, and private practices. It can also add a focal element to retail spaces, offices, and commercial properties suites looking to modernize their style.

    All three panel styles are constructed using machine grade medium density fiberboard and 3D laminate technology so the panels are easy to install and customizable to your size and color.

    Wood Paneling Options

    Modern interior design shares one big thing in common: blending style and function. Wood panels have become wildly popular among homeowners, architects, interior designers, and commercial developers alike, due to their classic, beautiful style and winning durability.

    Whether you choose fluted panels, reeded panels or slatted panels, opting for wood wall paneling or our grade-A fire-rated panels is a fantastic option that has endless possibilities for both style and function.

    As well as updating a space, your decorative wood paneling can also:

    • Provide a feature or accent wall
    • Divide a room or space
    • Designate a separate or featured area (think entrance space or social area at an office!)
    • Cover a column
    • Cover unattractive walls, ceilings, or other elements

    Our wood wall paneling options mean you don’t have to settle for anything less than stunning and high-quality design.

    Create the commercial space of your dreams with Walston Architectural Products. Call today to speak to a member of our team. We can’t wait for your call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your perfect project.