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  • April 15, 2024 4 min read

    Where There’s a Wall There’s a Way: Why Wall Paneling is Making Splash in Commercial Interior Design

    Employers and commercial space designers continually explore the best way to make offices and other business spaces more inviting and exciting to draw customers into establishments and set the tone and brand identity for these businesses.,

    At Walston Architectural Products, we’re passionate about creating design features for anyone seeking to add unique elements to their commercial spaces. Our array of wall panel designs empowers you to create an interior with a central focal point or unique texture that adds character to even the blankest of slates.

    Whether you’re looking to turn a retail store into your customers’ happy place or want an office that’s a calming, classic, and exciting 21st century paradise, the right decorative wall paneling is probably the easiest fix to up your interior design game - adding style, dimension, and providing a space that makes people want to be there.

    Wall Paneling Choices

    Wall paneling offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for enhancing the look and feel of any interior space. Our reeded, fluted, and slatted wall panels add texture and visual interest to walls.

    These textures come in a variety of stunning finishes and patterns to suit different design preferences and requirements.

    MDF - We offer two types of MDF material, providing a panel that is highly customizable to your style and color scheme. Our unfinished MDF is raw so you can finish it as you see fit. Our primed white MDF is pre-primed with a water-based primer, ready for you to paint. Fire-rated MDF is available in both styles upon request.

    Wood Inspired 3DL - Our pre-finished wood inspired 3D laminate (3DL) comes in White Oak, Charleston Oak (medium tone,) and Walnut, creating a classic yet modern look. All Wood Inspired panels have a machine-grade MDF core, and fire-rated MDF is available upon request.

    Additionally, we can also use custom wood species 3DL upon request, so you can ensure you have the ideal look for your commercial paneling design.

    Marble and Raintree 3DL- Our pre-finished stone effects are available in Black Marbled, White Marbled, and White Raintree. These stone looks add sophistication to any design. Our Marbled and Raintree panels are fabricated with machine-grade MDF, and fire-rated MDF is available upon request.

    Limewash 3DL - Our pre-finished limewash effect 3DL comes in Charcoal Limewash and Light Limewash effects and adds style and dimension to a design. All Limewash panels have machine-grade MDF core, and fire-rated MDF is available upon request.

    Linen 3DL - Our pre-finished linen-effect 3D laminate is a unique pattern that adds a calming or modern effect to a space. Our linen panels have machine-grade MDF core, and fire-rated MDF is available upon request.

    Commercial Paneling for Walls Sets the Tone for Your Design

    Durable, attractive, and low maintenance, wall paneling is an easy and affordable solution for commercial spaces. With multiple styles, textures, and patterns available, wall panels can be adaptable to absolutely any design, theme, or aesthetic and provide a simple yet unmistakable timelessness.

    Tailor your wall paneling to any design aspiration for your commercial space, and you’ll find a simple, yet stunning transformation. Light colors such as whites, light wood, and beiges are perfect for creating serenity, openness, and a calming, inviting space. Medium-toned wood colors are versatile, instilling a sense of warmth and modernity, or evoking a rustic feel.. Or go with darker tones like black marble or walnut panels to exude class, luxury, and upscale style.

    Wall Paneling Inspiration for Professional Designers


    Commercial paneling for walls has a range of possibilities for both style and function. Professional designers love our products due to their versatile designs, quality craftsmanship and MDF backing with fire rated options, making them the ideal choice for commercial paneling design.

    As well as looking great, these panels can be incorporated in a number of unique ways to transform your commercial space. Whether you’re designing restaurants, offices, spas, retail, or entertainment spaces, wall paneling has limitless uses that might just take your design to the next level. Explore using wall panels for:


    • Hiding walls or columns for improved appearance.
    • A low maintenance covering for old or outdated walls that’s easy to clean, repair, and replace.
    • Functional damage protection, noise reduction, and insulation.
    • Adding dimension and texture to flat or boring spaces.
    • Accenting a design feature or focal point.
    • Covering ceilings to create a warmer, more modern look.
    • Providing a backdrop to showcase collections (think awards, or featured merchandise)
    • Dividing a room or space (think seating area, or retail space divided by sections.)
    • Designating a separate or featured area (think entrance space, or social area at an office.)
    • Directing foot traffic.


    What’s My Next Step?

    At Walston Architectural Products, our custom paneling for walls is expertly handcrafted in Kansas City, Missouri, using an array of materials to meet the safety and style needs of a variety of spaces. Our careful craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity, so you can trust us to help you with the transformation your commercial space needs.

    Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Choose Walston Architectural Products for commercial design that is a cut above the rest. Our online shop offers a range of sample options, including large sample panels and variety sample packs, so you can make the best decisions and bring your design vision to life. Start exploring our wall panels, or contact us to learn more about our products.