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  • May 08, 2023 3 min read

    Learn More About How to Elevate Your Space with This Simple Upgrade

    Barn doors have taken the world by storm, and for good reason! Custom sliding barn doors are versatile, high quality, and always on trend. These types of doors are functional and space-saving, but they also have a timeless look that can re-imagine or refresh your style.

    Whether you’re looking for functionality or a statement piece, you can find custom barn door companies to help you create the door that’s perfect for you.

    Do you love the look of a barn door, but aren’t sure where it fits best in your home? Don’t fret - there are tons of unique ways to add a custom barn door to your space!

    #1: Conceal Your Bathroom With a Custom Barn Door

    Bathrooms can sometimes feel like a sore eye in your home, but they’re an obvious necessity. A traditional door doesn’t usually add anything to the design of a room, but with a sliding barn door, you can add an intentional element to your space.

    With smaller bathrooms, a door can sometimes make or break your storage space. Instead of worrying about dead space from a swinging door or complicated pocket door installation, use a barn door to utilize every bit of bathroom space you have. This also elevates your overall space and makes for an easy way to lead guests to the restroom.

    #2: Use Your Custom Barn Door As an Accent Piece

    A custom barn door will always stand out in a room in the best way. Painting an accent wall or applying wallpaper can not only be a tedious process, but it’s a huge commitment.

    A custom barn door brings an exciting statement to your space with much less commitment. Go bold with a pop of color or a geometric pattern, or seamlessly integrate your sliding door with a classic, slat design. Whatever you decide, your barn door can be the star of any room.

    #3: Create a More Functional Kitchen With a Custom Barn Door

    One of the major benefits of a custom sliding barn door is its space-saving design. The kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms in your home, and it can get pretty crowded with appliances and tools. The barn door sliding system makes for a useful door in any kitchen! Using a barn door for your pantry gives you more space and hides less attractive elements of your kitchen.

    Custom barn door hardware can add to the functionality and style of your space, too! Hangers, pulls, and handles can all be customized when you’re designing a barn door. Black, silver, and brass are all popular hardware finishings, so you can match your new door to your kitchen’s existing hardware.

    #4: Save Closet Space With a Custom Barn Door

    It’s pretty safe to say everyone feels like they could use more closet space. Whether you’re a fashionista or a minimalist, keeping your closet clean and organized can be difficult. With a custom barn door, not only are you bringing a beautiful new element into your room, you’re also saving ample closet space.

    Forget those awkward gaps behind your door, or that annoying moment when you can’t quite fit something into your closet. A custom sliding barn door can solve all of these issues, and look good while doing it.

    #5: A Custom Barn Door Spruces Up Your Laundry Room

    Out of all the rooms in your home, the laundry room probably gets the least amount of love, but gets the most amount of use! A laundry room is typically a pretty tight space, so a sliding barn door allows you to optimize every inch of the room.

    In a room that you’re in and out of often, a custom barn door in your interior space makes for easier transition and quick trips. You can push the door open with ease, even when you’re carrying a full basket of laundry! Consider a simple design for your laundry room door. The laundry room isn’t one where guests will visit often, so an unassuming, yet intentional look that blends into your overall home design will hide it well.

    Find a Custom Barn Door Company Near You

    When you’re searching for a custom barn door, find a trustworthy company that ensures you get a product that will last years to come. Keep in mind that installation, proper mounting materials, and correct measurements are all important elements of a custom barn door purchase. Find a local barn door company to help you make the most out of your space!